How to Set up Pool Table in 5 Easy Steps

There is not easy work to set up a pool table and you have to know the steps of assembling. So, you need to hire a professional it installs which is very expensive. You can install yourself in the home by the guidance given here. Therefore, you have to read the instructions to assemble the pool table. Because it is a very expensive and heavy material and you will have transport and install it. So, there is a step-by-step instruction to install the pool table.

These tools must require to the installation of a pool table

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Beeswax
  • Propane blowtorch
  • Paint scraper
  • Leveler  
  • Billiard cloth
  • Installation space

Firstly, you should decide to fix the space for the installation of the pool table. Because once it assembles, it could not be shifted anywhere. Space depends upon the size of the pool table, it should be more than the size of the pool table which will not irritate while shot. The minimum size for a normal pool table is five feet from all sides.

Remove Packaging  

Begin the removing of all parts of the pool table from packaging, like large hardware cabinet and legs and smaller pieces like legs and nuts and bolts. You should ensure that you have all parts. All parts of the pool table are designated by their position in the packaging. So, you don’t have to look for something else for assembling.

Fixing of legs

Firstly, you have to mark the location of the pool table and place the cabinet upside-down. Some frames are pre-assembling and you might need to put it yourself and attach the side panel and end panel or any other framework according to the manufacturing instructions, tighten all the nets with the socket wrench and check any leg mounting brackets necessary in the corner of the table. Attach each leg one at a time and check to see if the leg moves or not, turn the cabinet right side up and recheck the position of the table to confirm that it is at the right place.

Placing the slates

After fixing the legs, you have to place the slates on the table by using a measuring tape, place the center of the table and place the center tile there. Measure the open space from the center and ensure that all sides are even and put the other two slates into place. The frame of the pool table should be filled completely.

Level of table

Make sure that the level of the table should be accurate by using a leveler. When the table completely leveled, screw the slates in and use a propane torch to melt beeswax into spaces between the tiles, and leave the pool table for overnight to dry the beeswax.

Felting the table cloth

When the pool table has prepared, the billiard cloth laid out on the table, cut holes into slate panels for the bolts, and align pockets and rails on the table. Be sure that all the screws and washers must be tightened and secure. The pockets of the pool table depend upon a particular style.

These are very easy steps to install and assemble a set-up pool table.

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